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If you're like me, giving up precious space to store years of paperwork is the last thing you want to do, yet the IRS requires you to save all that paper for years. The good news is that the IRS will accept scanned copies of all documents.  With our document scanning service you can reduce boxes of paper to the size of a CD. We'll scan everything throughout the year, then once your tax return is finalized, we will give you a CD containing copies of all your paperwork, including the final P&L and Balance Sheet.

Exactly how long does the IRS require you to keep documents to support your tax return?  Well, that all depend, and it varies from 4 years to forever! For more

details on records retention click here.

Not sure what documentation you need to keep? Basically you need to keep supporting documentation for every transaction.  Supporting documents include the following:

     Gross receipts- proof of income may include cash

     register receipts, bank deposit slips, receipt books,

     invoices, credit card charge slips, and forms 1099 -


      Purchases - proof of purchases may include canceled 

      checks, cash register tapes, account statements

      credit card sales slips, and invoices. If you have purchases

      for travel, transportation, entertainment, or gifts, you must

      be able to prove certain elements regarding those

      purchases.  For more information on how to

      substantiate these expenses click here.

      Employment Taxes -  supporting documents for 

      employment taxes include, but are not limited to your

      employer identification  number, amounts & dates of all

      wage, annuity, & pension payments, amounts of tips

      reported, fair market value of in-kind wages paid, names,

      addresses, social security numbers, & occupations of

      employees, copies of Form W-2 that were returned

      undeliverable, and dates of employment.  For a full

      list of employment tax supporting documents, click here.

     A word of caution - bank statements, credit card

     statements, and canceled checks alone are not sufficient

     proof of a business expense.  You must have some type of

     receipt that shows specific items purchased.